Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Special Picture

I wanted to share with all of you a picture from my last launch support mission to KSC back in April. We worked with the STS-132/ULF4 shuttle crew. They were awesome. I can't say enough about how nice the crew was and how much fun they were to hang out with. They were my 4th launch support assignment and probably my last so it was really nice to end up with such a nice crew to support.

Ok now back to the picture at the top and what makes it so special. Normally when this particular picture is taken the support structure is already in front of the shuttle so all you can see is the external tank and the picture is taken from the the back side near the flame trench. Since Atlantis rolled out to the pad late because of weather the support structure wasn't in front of the shuttle so we got to take our picture in front of Atlantis. It was a truly amazing opportunity.

There are so many wonderful memories from my launch support of STS-132. We were able to see shuttle Discovery shortly after landing. We just missed landing by a little bit. We were flying to FL while they were landing.

We got to watch Atlantis roll out to the pad the night before.

We got our picture in front of the shuttle.

We got to watch a Ares rocket launch with the crew while we were there.

The actual Atlantis shuttle launch a few weeks later in May was flawless and went on time.

My family got to come over to Florida to see the launch and we spent a wonderful weekend enjoying ourselves and seeing the sights.

Thanks for letting me share all of this with you. I know it is way after the fact but I just got that special picture sent to me yesterday and was so excited I just had to share. If you would like a better look at any of the pictures you can click on them and it should open them larger.

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