Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Appointment #8 - (11-16-10)

Today was my 8th appointment with Dr. Mundy and my first appointment of the every two week variety. I am not looking forward to making that drive every two weeks and then every week coming up here soon. There were 2 accidents and a stalled vehicle in my lane on the way over. His office is up in the Medical Center and we live in League City. It takes about 30 min in good traffic and up to an hour in gnasty traffic. (Such is life in the Houston area) I was a little late but not too bad considering the morning I had today. When I got there the waiting room was jam packed so I thought I would have to wait forever...but all of those other ladies were waiting to see one of the other 3 doctors in the practice. My doc was on call at the hospital so he just had a couple patients scheduled. YAY! I did the usual weigh in first thing. For the very first time since starting to see Dr. Mundy over 6 years ago I was actually ok with the number on the scale. I weighed less than before I got pregnant in April and less than I did for my annual checkup last December. Hard to believe I am losing weight while growing a big ole baby belly but it is happening. Just too weird to wrap my head around but I am not upset about that at all. On to the good stuff. Doc said all of my numbers looked great. He was pleased that everything is going well. I asked him if I could indulge a little for Turkey Day, Birhtdya and Christmas holidays coming up and he said sure as long as I don't overdo it and go hog wild. That makes me feel so much better about that cornbread dressing I plan on eating next week. Can't wait!!! So we are still on track for January 13th. He did tell me one thing that totally caught me off guard... He says "By the way if you have any contractions just go in to the hospital no need to call." So I asked, "Any contractions not just at a certain point?" He replied "Yes any contractions just come on in. It is easier to send you home than for you to get too far along!" I have 8 weeks left till my scheduled by day at 39 weeks. I am NOT ready yet. Guess I better light a big ole fire under my tushy. Now he has made me think it is closer than I was thinking. So after that nugget of information he sent me for another ultrasound. She is still head down. She has plenty of fluid around her. She is measuring 4lbs 2oz which puts her measuring about 32 weeks. I will be 31 weeks on Thursday so she is still a little bit ahead on the growth chart but that is what I expected. She looked just great and in exciting news. I FINALLY got a really good pic of the goods and she is a more well we can't see any boy parts so we think it is a girl. Today we finally got a pretty good look. Now we just have to decide on a name for our new little M. Wish us luck with that endeavor. If we are lucky we may decide on one before she gets here.

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