Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Pool

This weekend while in Austin Lady Bug had her first trip to the pool. She loves the bath so I was hoping the pool would go over well.

Here she is ready for her pool debut!

Check out her cute Lady Bug hat to go along with her swim suit that Granny bought her!

So far so good in the pool

She practiced making this face all day long.

Vige group photo...we were short one member, missed ya Daddy!

The Boss really loved playing in the water with his sister.

All decked out in safety gear for the first swim of the season.

After a little practice in the pool with Auntie Shyra he was good to go!

One of my favorite pics of the day - Lady Bug & Auntie Shyra
We had a great time. Lady Bug loved the water even though it was a little cold at first she didn't even protest once. She thoroughly enjoyed herself. The Boss had a great time after he remembered that he didn't really need the swim vest all of his previous lessons came back to him. Granny spent the time taking great photos and watching all of us splash around. She even made me and Auntie Shyra race... Auntie Shyra won the swimming race and I won the foot race through the water. It was a great day!

Lost Teeth

The first missing tooth fell out the morning after his Bay Area Christian Graduation. He was so excited.

Hard to see that there is a gap there because he already has both of his two bottom teeth waiting to move up!

He is so proud/excited about the little tooth holder I made him for the Tooth Fairy.

And the gap opens a little wider with the loss of the second tooth. He pulled it out himself and was such a proud boy.

The tiny tooth that left the second gap!

Once again a proud boy that can't wait to see what the Tooth Fairy would bring.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Latest & Greatest

Yesterday the Boss lost his second tooth. Will post pics soon. He was so proud. This is also his second week of t-ball practice for the summer season. Lady Bug is getting more active everyday. Lately she has been doing the cutest thing...instead of lifting her arms to signal that she wants to be picked up she arches her back so that you can put your hands around her. It looks like she is trying to do a backbend. She is also beginning to sit by herself a little. Still needs to get some more muscle control but is making great progress. Looking forward to this weekend cause we will be in Austin with Auntie Shyra, Uncle Gilfred & Granny.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Times Two

Here are my two little peas hanging out together. I can't wait to watch them grow.

Bath Time!

Here are some pics of Ladybug during tub time. She loves the water so much.

Don't tell her brother but she looks a little like a Jedi Master in the hooded towel.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

BACS Graduation/Party

Congrats Boss on BACS Kindergarten Graduation!