Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Latest & Greatest

Yesterday the Boss lost his second tooth. Will post pics soon. He was so proud. This is also his second week of t-ball practice for the summer season. Lady Bug is getting more active everyday. Lately she has been doing the cutest thing...instead of lifting her arms to signal that she wants to be picked up she arches her back so that you can put your hands around her. It looks like she is trying to do a backbend. She is also beginning to sit by herself a little. Still needs to get some more muscle control but is making great progress. Looking forward to this weekend cause we will be in Austin with Auntie Shyra, Uncle Gilfred & Granny.

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  1. And she loves for you to stand her up. She loves to get a new view of the world and try out those cute little legs. Auntie S