Monday, November 28, 2011

So Far Behind Update...

I have so many posts that are half finished or need photos to publish, but so much is going on I wanted to update.
The Boss
Growing so fast
Such a great big brother
Loves nothing better than hugs from his sister
Has enjoyed going to LSU home games with Dad (Dude Time)
Now a Yellow Belt in Karate
Reading books to me before bed
Looking forward to Christmas

The Lady Bug
Has 4 teeth (got them all in 1 week)
Recovered from viral pneumonia
Has started standing on her own in the middle of a room
Loves table food and will eye whatever is on your plate

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Breaks My Heart

This really hit home for me so I have to share it. It just breaks my heart that my children didn't get to have a relationship with their Daddy's parents.

Both of them wanted nothing more than to have grandkids. Not long after we had the Boss, Daddy's parents were both taken away rather suddenly within 3 months of each other. They adored him and I often think of how things would be if they were still here. They would be so proud. The Boss was given his nickname by his Paw Paw who from day 1 called him "The Boss". The Boss shed tears the last time we went to the cemetery because he wishes he knew them and could remember them. My Lady Bug will only know them through pictures and they will never have laid earthly eyes on her. It is always harder during the holiday season when you think of those you love who have passed on. To Maw Maw and Paw Paw Vige...You are greatly missed!

Happy Baptism Day!

November 13th is the Boss's Baptism Day. This year he had a pumpkin rice crispy treat to celebrate from his Auntie Shyra!

Sunday, November 6, 2011


We enjoyed having some friends over to watch the LSU vs BAMA game. The Reno clan has two boys. B is a year younger than the Boss and their newest addition is just 2 weeks younger than the Lady Bug. It was great having them over. We enjoyed some yummy chicken and sausage gumbo. The boys enjoyed playing and the little ones had fun just hanging out and playing with toys and poking eachother. Here are two pics of the kids.

Aren't they too cute?
I know the boys don't look excited in this picture, but they were watching Transformers and it was late in the evening.