Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School

On Friday we met the Boss's Kindergarten teacher. Ms.K. He will be at a new school this year so everything is different. The school is a block from the house which is nice we will be able walk there in the morning's without having to worry about traffic. I went back to the school a little later to drop off school supplies so I wouldn't have to bring them Monday morning.
On Monday morning I got up early and made sure everything was laid out for school. We got the big man up and helped him get dressed so he didn't hurt his arm. He still says it hurts sometimes when he moves it so he will have a sling for the first day of school. He was good and didn't mind taking pictures for his mother.

The Ladybug has her first day in the Infant 2 room at school so I got a picture of them both together.

My kiddos are growing up fast.
Daddy brought Ladybug to daycare and I walked the Boss to school.

It was a mad house of people walking and driving and dropping off kids. There were cars, parents and kids everywhere. We got to the gym and they ushered us right to the classrooms. On the way to his class he saw one of his buddies and our next door neighbor. I told Ms. K that he had fractured his elbow over the weekend and he was supposed to use it as little as possible. I helped the Boss find his seat. He started to color on the table paper like the other boys and girls.
(He said this was his favorite part of the whole day!)
I put the tag for his after school transportation on his backpack and put it away. Ms. K. asked if I had his lunch money. Sure enough I forgot it at home so I headed out back to the house to get it. Made it home and back just in time for class to start. There was a mother their in his class that was bawling to leave her kid. I was told the Boss to have a great day and that I would see him later.

When I picked him up that afternoon he told me he had an AWESOME first day of school! I hope he continues to be this excited about school the rest of the year.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Is It Broken?

We went back to Louisiana for the EHS Alumni Softball tournament/reason for the Boss to get cake with family. We drove in on Saturday morning. Got some boudin. Went by the local Wal-Mart for a few party odds and ends and had about an hour to spare before people came by to have some cake. We enjoyed time with friends. Afterwards Daddy and MawMaw Pont went to go visit Uncle Larry for a little while. When Daddy returned he took the Boss to the ballpark to go visit friends and catch up. I stayed at the Vige homestead with Ladybug and Granny. After about an hour and half Daddy and the Boss came back to the house. The Boss had fallen off a slide at the playground and hurt his arm. I don't think I have ever heard him or seen him like that before. We decided it would be best to take him to the ER to get it looked at. Many hours 2 sets of x-rays and a CT scan later they said it wasn't broken, but it would be best to get a second opinion when we got home. He was still in pain when he got back home that evening and the next day. We spent more time with family in the morning and headed back home to get ready for first day of school the next day. As soon as we arrived in our driveway the cell phone rang. It was the hospital Doctor letting us know that they had missed a small elbow fracture on the initial review but saw it when dictating notes. So in a sling for the first day of Kindergarten! We will see what the Doctor says when we have the follow up appointment.

He already has the people taking care of him down...