Monday, June 21, 2010

Announcement Cards

I got my announcement cards in the mail today! Can't wait to send them out. We have decided to wait another couple of weeks. So not sending them for a little longer is gonna be hard. Here are some great pics from making the card. Some made the layout and some you can only see here. Tell me those aren't the cutest pics of a future big brother! He is so excited.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's meet the crew of STS-132

On the evening of June 15th I brought Maddox to the STS-132 crew debrief at Space Center Houston. This was the crew of shuttle Atlantis that Maddox watched blast off while in Florida. He really was excited to meet the actual astronauts that flew on the shuttle. They are all really great guys. He even made each one of them a special card that he wanted to give to them. We got there at a decent time and got great seats in the middle about 4 rows up. He watched the presentations and was ready for the movie to start. He really enjoyed the movie highlights of the mission. After the movie when they were doing question/answer session he mentioned that he need to go to the bathroom, but because we had such great seats that wasn't possible so we waited till it was over. When we walked out I asked if he still needed to go before we got in line to meet the crew. We get in line and he decides he needs to go. We go pretty quickly but by the time we got back they had closed the line to meet the crew. The little teenager said she was sorry but I could talk to the manager, which I had no problem doing. We went to the manager (another teenager) who said she understood but we were out of luck. We could however go up to the front and see the crew but not get in line. I knew this was my in as I know each of the crew pretty well. So we go up to the front and I catch the CDR's attention. He waves us over. Maddox gives each of them his handmade card. He was so excited. He even got handshakes from Hock and Toni ( CDR and PLT). He loved it. Although it didn't go as planned I hope that he remembers it for a long time.

My First Appointment

Today was my first appointment with my OB/Gyn. Everything went well. They confirmed that I am pregnant. They confirmed that I am right on target and that my due date is January 20-21st. I will be 9 weeks this Thursday. I gave them lots of my precious blood (atleast the lady drawing the blood was very skilled and I am very grateful).

I talked to Dr. Mundy for a bit. I got a HUGE bag of goodies. I don't remember getting so much stuff with Maddox, but that was a while back and my memory is getting short. Then I got an ultrasound. I got to see the baby. His/Her little heart was beating. Not a very clear picture so it just looked like a blob on the screen but it was awesome to see the flicker of the heart. Unfortunately because of a dental emergency Max wasn't able to go with me. So maybe next time we will make it together. We did meet up for brunch afterwards which was nice. Today is also my sister Jayme's birthday so in celebration of her beautiful life I just had to tell Mom about my good news. I go back to see the Dr. Mundy in 4 weeks. Seems like forever but I am sure that it will be here in no time.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Austin in June

This past weekend we spent in Austin for Max's TCA annual convention. It was a nice weekend with family. Maddox had a great time with Granny, Auntie Shyra and Uncle Gilfred. Picaso was not to crazy about having to share his diggs with Milo but no major distrubances were witnessed that I know of.

Friday -

We dropped Max off at his convention and I think I got a ticket from one of those stop light cameras. First thing when we met Shyra we had breakfast at Rudy's. You know I can't go to Austin without having a Rudy's breakfast taco. Yumm! (but I must mention that they were all surprised when I passed up going a second time later in the weekend) We then went to Bath n Body works where we all indulged our sense of smell and got some deals. Then Shyra was off to work and we were off to hang at her house for awhile. Before she got back we went to the park. Maddox loves that park and this time I didn't have to rescue him from the top of the castle. He is getting so much braver...not sure if that is a good thing. While there I got a call to go cross town to pick up Max from his convention so I left Granny and Maddox to play till Auntie Shyra arrived to rescue them from the park. Once everyone got home we headed out to Salt Lick for dinner. It was good and I got some great pics.

Saturday -

Max took Shyra's car to the convention...Big man...little car. Went to the outlet mall and I picked up a pair of much needed sandals and Maddox got Granny to buy him a book. He loves books. A bit later the crew went to the pool with Kelly and Natalie. I hear they had a great time. Yours truly was tired and had a lovely headache so she took a nap. Since the boys were away for the evening we headed to get Mexican food. It was really yummy. Maddox loved his ice cream cone and honey and queso dip for his chips. After dinner we went to DQ cause I had a hankering for some ice cream. Maddox also got more ice cream which he devoured. That boy has a real sweet tooth.

Sunday -

We got up and had a really yummy breakfast. The pancakes hit the spot. Shortly after that we packed up all our things and headed back home. It was a really wonderful trip to Austin as usual.