Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My First Appointment

Today was my first appointment with my OB/Gyn. Everything went well. They confirmed that I am pregnant. They confirmed that I am right on target and that my due date is January 20-21st. I will be 9 weeks this Thursday. I gave them lots of my precious blood (atleast the lady drawing the blood was very skilled and I am very grateful).

I talked to Dr. Mundy for a bit. I got a HUGE bag of goodies. I don't remember getting so much stuff with Maddox, but that was a while back and my memory is getting short. Then I got an ultrasound. I got to see the baby. His/Her little heart was beating. Not a very clear picture so it just looked like a blob on the screen but it was awesome to see the flicker of the heart. Unfortunately because of a dental emergency Max wasn't able to go with me. So maybe next time we will make it together. We did meet up for brunch afterwards which was nice. Today is also my sister Jayme's birthday so in celebration of her beautiful life I just had to tell Mom about my good news. I go back to see the Dr. Mundy in 4 weeks. Seems like forever but I am sure that it will be here in no time.

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