Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Let's meet the crew of STS-132

On the evening of June 15th I brought Maddox to the STS-132 crew debrief at Space Center Houston. This was the crew of shuttle Atlantis that Maddox watched blast off while in Florida. He really was excited to meet the actual astronauts that flew on the shuttle. They are all really great guys. He even made each one of them a special card that he wanted to give to them. We got there at a decent time and got great seats in the middle about 4 rows up. He watched the presentations and was ready for the movie to start. He really enjoyed the movie highlights of the mission. After the movie when they were doing question/answer session he mentioned that he need to go to the bathroom, but because we had such great seats that wasn't possible so we waited till it was over. When we walked out I asked if he still needed to go before we got in line to meet the crew. We get in line and he decides he needs to go. We go pretty quickly but by the time we got back they had closed the line to meet the crew. The little teenager said she was sorry but I could talk to the manager, which I had no problem doing. We went to the manager (another teenager) who said she understood but we were out of luck. We could however go up to the front and see the crew but not get in line. I knew this was my in as I know each of the crew pretty well. So we go up to the front and I catch the CDR's attention. He waves us over. Maddox gives each of them his handmade card. He was so excited. He even got handshakes from Hock and Toni ( CDR and PLT). He loved it. Although it didn't go as planned I hope that he remembers it for a long time.

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