Monday, February 28, 2011

Our First Week

My first week back at work. Lady Bug's first week at daycare. Wow did those 6 weeks really fly by before this week. I enjoyed spending the time at home with my little girl. This has been a busy week of getting back in the groove, but so far things seem to be going well. I just need to make sure that I get more things done the night before so that everything will be super smooth in the morning. The Boss has been a big help this week. Hopefully he will continue to be my big helper. He is such a great big brother and my extra set of hands for sure. Big Kudos go to my wonderful husband who takes the little lady for me at night for a couple of hours so that I can get a few winks of real sleep.
Here are two pics of my munchkins before they went to school and daycare. Both were all smiles!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Krewe Parade Weekend

We had a great Mardi Gras...pre-return to work weekend! Auntie Shyra & Uncle Gilfred came in and so did Granny. It was perfect for my first time away from Lady Bug. Granny kept an eye on Lady Bug and Auntie Shyra & Uncle Gilfred brought the Boss down to Galveston to see the parade. We are in the Krewe of Gambrinus. It is a great Mardi Gras Krewe that has their parade the whole week before Mardi Gras. It is more of a family parade. This year the parade theme was Broadway. Our float theme was "The Little Shop of Horrors!" All the ladies wore black dresses and blonde wigs and the men wore crazy brown wigs, black nerd glasses and a purple argyle sweater. We were a site to see.

It was nice to hang out with everyone before they had to go home. I got some great pics with the kiddos...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

I was really starting to worry and have doubts that we would find something that would work. I know you are wondering what I am referring to. She wouldn't take a pacifier. Wouldn't have anything to do with one.
First we tried this nice little newborn one in a lovely pink color.

No Go!

Then I saw another kiddo with one similar but a little different so I tried this one hoping she would like it. Other kids seemed to like it alot.

No Go!

I tried these again. This is the type the Boss liked when he was little. She choked on it and spit it out.

Once again...No Go!

The only one in the house we had left was one that we had gotten for Christmas that honestly I had forgotten about. Guess what? She takes it and doesn't spit it right out. Want to know what is even funnier.

It is an LSU pacifier. Who would have thought she would already be showing her preference for LSU at such a young age.

Friday, February 18, 2011

My Brother Is So Funny

Tonight they were actually entertaining each other. The Boss was pretending that Lady Bug had big ears and she thought that was just so funny. Today was the first time in about a week that the Boss has really been able to get near her. He has been sick and so we were limiting their contact as much as possible. Lady Bug is really starting to smile a lot more now. She laughs in her sleep and when she breaks out in a full blown grin like she did with the Boss this evening it melts the heart.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

4 Weeks

Hard to believe it has been 4 weeks since Lady Bug arrived. Time is passing quickly and in two short weeks I will be back at work. Here are just a few pics of the little lady hanging out in the pack n play yesterday.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meet the Family

This past weekend we had a whirlwind trip to Louisiana to meet the family. Unfortunately we didn't get to see everyone because some were under the weather, but it was nice to see everyone we could. We got to Eunice on Saturday around 5pm and headed out of Roanoke at about 2pm on Sunday. Here are some of the pics I took of Lady Bug meeting the family. I can't wait to get more family pics on our next trip home.


Maw Maw Pont

Paran & Ali

Uncle Randy

Aunt Debbie & Eli


Monday, February 7, 2011

Busy Day

Yesterday Lady Bug and I got lots of stuff done. We first went for a weigh-in at the pediatrician's office to see if she had gotten back up to her birth weight. She was 8lbs 4oz at birth. When we left the hospital she was 7lbs 4oz. When she had her two week checkup she was 7lbs 10oz. Today just a short 10 days later, my lovely lady weighed in at 8lbs 10oz and she has grown an inch to 21 inches long. Now we just have to wait till her 2 month checkup to see how she is gaining. She is in the 75th percentile in length and the 50th percentile in weight. That is really odd for me since the Boss was always on a chart of his own and still is.
After we finished at the doctor we went to the hospital to get her screenings taken care of finally. I just knew that she would scream bloody murder when they pricked her heel, but I guess all that heel pricking in the hospital after birth upped her pain tolerance. She made a little wimper and then just chilled out while they finished filling up the card. She was a real trooper.
We then went to the Sprint store to get my phone fixed. My rollerball on the blackberry fell out and broke on Sunday and I can't live without my phone so that stop was important for sure.
We also made a stop by Daddy's office so I could get my back worked on for a minute. Then it was time to head home for lunch. As soon as we finished lunch it was time to pick up the Boss. We had such a busy day.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

3 Weeks

Three weeks have passed already! I am half way through my time at home with Lady Bug. The time is going by quickly. She is a great baby and her big brother has been an awesome help. Here are a few pics of my little ones.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Boss Sings at School


Today the Boss performed two songs at Chapel in front of the whole elementary school. He did a great job. I am so proud of him. I know that he enjoyed having me and his sister there to cheer him on.
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