Tuesday, February 22, 2011

We Have A Winner!!!

I was really starting to worry and have doubts that we would find something that would work. I know you are wondering what I am referring to. She wouldn't take a pacifier. Wouldn't have anything to do with one.
First we tried this nice little newborn one in a lovely pink color.

No Go!

Then I saw another kiddo with one similar but a little different so I tried this one hoping she would like it. Other kids seemed to like it alot.

No Go!

I tried these again. This is the type the Boss liked when he was little. She choked on it and spit it out.

Once again...No Go!

The only one in the house we had left was one that we had gotten for Christmas that honestly I had forgotten about. Guess what? She takes it and doesn't spit it right out. Want to know what is even funnier.

It is an LSU pacifier. Who would have thought she would already be showing her preference for LSU at such a young age.

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