Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Appointment #7 (11-1-10)

Today was a super busy day. Last night I got a flat tire on my vehicle. Thankfully mom was in town from Halloween so we used hers almost all day long. Thanks Mom! First thing in the morning Maddox had a Dentist appointment. Happy to report that all is well on the teeth front. After I dropped him off at school, I headed to help Mom and Max clean up the old office. We worked on it for a couple of hours and I am happy to report that he is all moved out of the old office. Now he just has to get everything looking spiffy at the new office. The contractors were still working until atleast early evening finishing up projects that they hadn't been completed on the new office. Then mom and I hopped into the car for Baby M appointment #7. I didn't realize it but she had never been with me to an appointment before (not even with Maddox). At the appointment all looked really good. My blood pressure was good. Doctor said he would go ahead and schedule me for January 13th. So unless she decides to come earlier than that it will be a birthday of January 13th. He also said that as long as I know where all of the hospitals are on my route to Louisiana and I keep my feet up and get pampered the whole time I should be able to travel back home for the Holidays. After I talked to Dr. Mundy I got another ultrasound. She is head down which is good. Everything looked good. She had a nice strong heartbeat. Plenty of fluid surrounding her. She is measuring just a little ahead. She is about 3lbs 1oz currently. I have less than 72 days till she arrives. I know I am not ready yet but hopefully I will get there soon. So many things to do so little time.

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  1. One month after us. That will be easy to remember. Yay! - shyra