Saturday, November 6, 2010

His First LSU Game

My little man decided he wanted to accompany Daddy on his trip to watch LSU play Alabama at Death Valley in Baton Rouge. He has been to LSU before but he has never witnessed the craziness that is LSU football. I got to stay home and do chores around the house. As much as I wanted to go I figured that yelling at my TV during the game was probably as much football as I could handle right now. I got two picture updates during the game. One of the little man and his Paran.

The other image I got was from around half time when i was informed that the little man had just woken up from a nap. My guy can sleep anywhere if he can take a nap in Death Valley during a game.

I haven't gotten a full report yet from my boys but I am hoping that they both had a great time!
Since LSU beat BAMA I am thinking that Daddy might want to take him to the games more often as a good luck charm.
Daddy said that they both had a good time! Maddox said he had fun so I see more guys trips to watch the Tigers play in their future.

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  1. Sleeping during half time. Hilarious! - Shyra