Saturday, March 26, 2011

First T-Ball Game

This morning was the first T-ball game. Having played T-ball myself it was not at all what I had expected. When I was a kid you played T-ball just like you play baseball/softball but you hit off a T. This was more like organized chaos. Each team every player bats and runs the bases. The other team that is fielding has all the kids and some parents in the infield. All the kids run after the ball and often end up in a pile-up to get the ball. It was a sight to behold.
Lady Bug was all smiles to watch her Bub-e (the Boss) play ball.

First was warm-ups where he tossed a ball with an older kid.

He is a head taller than all the other kids on the team. It is 3-5 year olds and he is the oldest and tallest.

This is what Lady Bug did the whole game.

The infield during the game. The Boss is on first.

A highlight of the game was seeing 3 of these fly over.

Waiting for the ball

Taking a turn hitting.

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