Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Can I Make You A Drink?

The other night my sweet little man decided he wanted to share with Mommy & Daddy. His first idea was for Daddy. He wanted to pour Daddy a nice tall glass of milk and put a peanut butter cup on the rim of the glass. He told me "You know Mom like they do with those green and yellow things on the glasses." Well I knew that Daddy would turn down a glass of milk on that occasion so I suggested he put the peanut butter cup on the glass of sweet tea that I was making for dinner. He thought that was a great idea and made sure that I used just the right glass. Daddy was most appreciative of the tea with the peanut butter cup on the rim.
After about an hour he decides he needs to show even more love and sweetness to his father. He takes a bowl and digs in the pantry. He puts in the bowl: syrup, marshmellows, mint truffle hershey's kisses and peanut butter cups. He gave this to Daddy to eat. This Daddy was not as thrilled with, but said thank you and continued to watch TV.
Little man was in such a sharing mood he decided that I had missed out and needed a treat as well. He comes in the back bedroom where I was with Lady Bug and gives me a 32oz glass almost all full of milk. In the milk he put marshmellows, syrup and a hershey's kiss. I had to let him down easy that because I have been so congested I was staying away from the white stuff. If he would be so sweet as to just go get me a large glass of tea with ice. About 20 minutes later he came back with a large glass of tea with ice and syrup, marshmellows, and a hershey's kiss. He then wanted to Cheer (A Toast). So he had the big glass of milk and I had my special tea and we toasted to a good day. Cheers!!
Anyone want to come over for a special drink?

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  1. LOL that is hilarious! I love that you two did a cheer! - Auntie S