Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 Month Checkup

Lady Bug had her two month checkup this week. She weighed in at 10lbs 11oz and 23 inches long. That puts her in the 55% for weight and the 81st for height. Which is a big change from when my little man was that age. He was always off the chart. She was so pleasant during her checkup. She smiled and cooed at Dr. Ingraham. Everything was great. She even impressed the Dr. by pulling her head and chest up while laying on her tummy. I told the Dr. I think she will be an early mover cause she already tries to get where she wants to go. Everything went well UNTIL it was time for her shots. She was happy right up until that needle went in...then her brow scrunched up and her whole head turned bright red...and she let out the biggest scream out of that little body. She didn't stop screaming either. She continued through all 3 shots and while I put her clothes back on. The part that broke my heart was that this was when she shed her first tears and they were big ole crocodile tears. Luckily she didn't run any fever later and was not cranky or crabby. She did have two nice small little bruises on her legs though. So overall I would say her two month checkup was good, she might disagree though.

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  1. Poor little lady and her crocodile tears. Glad to hear that she was ok as soon as it was over. - Auntie S