Friday, March 18, 2011

It's T-Ball Time!

This past year for Christmas we got little man a bat, some balls, and a T so that he could learn how to play T-Ball. In January I signed him up for the 3-5 year old T-Ball league. Yesterday was his first practice. Lets just say that he towers over the other kids. Which we are thinking will be good cause maybe he will get a good position and get a lot of practice. The assistant coach thought that he was one of the other kids older brother's when he went up to him. The practice went well. He throws well, bats pretty well, but we need to work on his catching. His first game is this next weekend and I can't wait to see all those little ones run around and try to play. Here are some pics of his first practice. The ladybug and I watched the little man play.

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