Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Recap

Alrighty so the pictures uploaded in reverse order so you all will get a reverse recap!

The Vige's at Granny's house in front of the tree.

Auntie Shyra & Granny posing by the tree on Christmas Day.

A lovely picture of me taken by Auntie Shyra while the presents were being opened.

The Boss showing off all of his Star Wars figures. Trying to see how many he could hold at once.

Christmas Eve Baseball! The Boss fielding the ball. Both of the brothers got their little one a baseball T, glove, bat & balls for Christmas and neither one had spoken to the other before they bought it. Talk about great minds thinking alike...and the kids loved them.

Cousin A trying to throw out the Boss

Coach Max giving batting tips

Coach Paran giving Cousin A batting tips

Fun trying to tag eachother out!

Check out our super car with bats for oars. They had so much fun playing with the boxes and the chairs.

The Boss showing off his new Star Wars gear.

Cousin A and the Boss opening their presents on Christmas Eve in E-Town.

The stockings hung with care at the Vige's in Texas!

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