Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Appointment #10 (12-14-10)

Today was appointment #10 woo hoo! It was the usual apptointment which is nothing eventful. I did get an ultrasound to check on Baby M's size. She is currently measuring 6lbs 3oz and I have 4 weeks left so if she gains 0.5 to 1lb per week... she will be 8.3 to 10.3lbs when she is born. Good thing I decided to go ahead and schedule a C-section. I can't imagine me delivering a 10lb baby naturally. I am a wuss. I have no pictures this week cause she had her hand in front of her face. It was so cute but wouldn't have made for a good picture. Well from now on I get to go once a week so only 3-4 more visits and she will be here. Everyone pray for me that I can get everything done in time.

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