Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Appointment #12 - The One That Almost Wasn't

Yesterday should have been my 12th appointment with my OB however my automobile had other plans. Last week I got this light on the dash that the stabilitrack was off and that I needed to service my brakes soon. I didn't think too much about it cause it went away. Well as the weekend got here and we spent more time in Louisiana that light started coming on pretty often. Let me just tell you it wasn't just a light on the dash it would ding incessantly for a couple of minutes with no way to turn it off. Very annoying so since I had a few hours to kill on Monday I brought the Acadia in for some service. I really didn't expect it to be a big deal, but today is now Wednesday and I just got the Acadia back this afternoon. Well I didn't really think about it Monday when they said they were still working on it cause they couldn't figure out the problem. Usually not a good sign I know. LATE Monday night it dawns on me that I am scheduled for my appointment the next morning and have no way to get there. So I call on Tuesday and reschedule for Wednesday thinking for sure I will have my vehicle back. NOPE! They figure out the problem but have to wait on a part to finish fixing it. They tell me that it will be Wednesday afternoon before I have the vehicle back. So I bet you are wondering how I got to my appointment. This time Max was on this side of town for the day and was able to loan me his car for the morning. Thankfully!
So the Boss and I dropped him off at work and hit the rainy road to the med center. We had an uneventful trip up there so that is always good. The Boss has been telling me all week that he didn't want to go with me cause he didn't want to spoil the surprise of waiting to see his sister until she was born. Today my regular Doctor was out so I was scheduled to see one of the partners. Dr. Su. His assistant was very nice a was very taken with the Boss. She was impressed by how tall he was and told him he was very handsome. He spent most of the visit checking everything out and asking me what everything was for. Today for the first time I got to hear Baby M's heart beat on the doppler. I have been having ultrasounds each visit so I hadn't heard the heartbeat other than once when I heard it at home. The Boss thought that was pretty cool. Dr. Su came in and asked how everything was going. I told him all was well. He told me if I have any contractions or any problems to go straight to the hospital and do not pass go. At the end of the checkup Maddox told him his name sounded a lot like Dr. Suess. LOL Also the Boss didn't have his surprise ruined because we didn't have an ultrasound today so he will have to wait until she arrives to see her. He got his wish after all.

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  1. I am glad the wish is intact. Too funny! - shyra