Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Baby Project

Today I started my first baby project. I am going to recover the carrier/car seat that belonged to Maddox. I wasn't totally fond of it when we got it originally but it was the most neutral thing we could find at the time that we liked. So about a week ago I went to the fabric store and picked out some nice fabric I thought would be cute and durable and not too girly but not boy either. I hope you like what I decided on. Also I just started on this and am totally not my mother's daughter in the sewing department. I can get by but a seamstress I am not, so the project will probably be a little rough around the edges.
Here is the before pic of the carrier. I am only recovering the bluish/purple fabric. I am leaving the black and the grey piping.

Here is a preview of the fabric that I chose. I hope you like it. I really do.

I decided to do the canopy first. I figured I would start there. You have to start somewhere right. I was actually surprised with how well it turned out. I am almost finished with it. I only have two small things to do to it. Here is the original canopy.

Here are some of the steps that I took putting it together. I took lots more pics of everything I did but didn't want to bore anyone.

Here is a picture of the practically finished canopy. Please feel free to ooh and ahh and leave lots of great comments on how well you think it turned out. Remember I am a total novice with the sewing machine so I think it turned out fantastic.

The next part of this project will be a little harder for me I believe. I may wait till next weekend when the awesome seamstress passes through town to get her expertise on the best way to do this. Here are the two parts I have up next.

And last but certainly not least the little square thingy on the seat. I finished that today cause I thought it would be easy. I really think that mine looks better than the original square thingy on the purple view.

Wish me luck with getting this project done. Next I want to conquer recovering the bassinet to more match our room decor instead of the blue and yellow plaid that it is now. Here is a pic of that HUGE project and my little bitty Maddox sleeping so peacefully what seems like forever ago.

One more of the old car seat cover. This is Maddox on our first outing to church when he was a week old.

Promise I am done with pictures. Thank you all for indulging me with my craft show and tell. Have a great night!

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  1. Love the fabric! nice job. - shyra