Friday, September 24, 2010

Appointment #5 (9-24-10)

This morning was a quick appointment with my doctor which is always a good thing. He said all looks well. The previous ultrasound looked good all my numbers have been right on track. Baby M is actually measuring a week ahead right now. She is 1 lb 9 oz.
My next visit in 3 weeks is when I am scheduled for the Glucose Tolerance Test. The one where you drink the orange drink and then they draw blood an hour later to check your sugar levels. After talking about it we just decided to go ahead and do the 3 hour test instead. That way no matter what I only have to do one test. When I was pregnant with Maddox I didn't pass the 1 hour and it took me two tries with the 3 hour just to make it through the test. I have low blood sugar so I know that I will fail or have scewed results that will make the doctor want me to monitor my sugar from then on. I really can't wait. LOL
One bit of really great news is that I can now try out pepcid for my heartburn. My doctor isn't a big fan of taking anything while you are pregnant so he likes to make you suffer through for a bit to make sure you really need something before he will offer it up. I am hoping this will help the right before bed heartburn I get every night.
I had another ultrasound. I have a good feeling now that I will get one with every visit. Which is kind of cool to see what is going on in there. Still no great views to confirm Girl but once again I got from the tech "I think it is a GIRL!" lol.


  1. How is the pepcid working?

    Yay orange sugar nasty drink. You are so lucky! - shyra

  2. Pepcid has not been put to the test yet with my cold I haven't been eating as much.