Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Chair Saga

Back story:
Before Maddox was born we were given a glider rocker from one of our friends. We really got a lot of use out of it. When another friend of ours and the people who had given the chair we decided it would be nice to pass on our good fortune and share the chair. We passed it on to our friends.

Fast Forward 5 years:
We don't have a chair for rocking and feeding our little M on the way. So I had my out for an awesome deal. Those glider rockers are $$$. Well I found a brand new chair for a steal on Amazon. I ordered the chair on August 30th. Yee Haw! I was so excited about my new chair. I missed having the rocker in the room. So it was supposed to arrive last weekend while we were out of town for the Labor Day holiday. It never showed up. I kept waiting and waiting. It shipped from Irving, Texas on Sept 2nd and was not seen again...well atleast for awhile. So on the 8th I call FedEx and ask about my package. By now I am pretty sure it has disappeared. They tell me they have no clue where it is but they will look into it and give me a call back. That very same evening I get an email from Amazon that my chair has been returned from FedEx non-deliverable. This usually means you have a PO Box or something, but we don't so everyone figures the chair was damaged in transit and returned to sender. So I am told to order another one and they refund me the price difference since it is a little bit more now than before when I ordered it. FedEx calls the next day and leaves me a message that there is no trace of the chair and that I need to file a claim with Amazon to get a new item. (Not real impressed with FedEx about that but I already know what happened to the chair. You think they would too.) So I think the matter of the missing chair has ended atleast till I get my new one. Nope I get another call that afternoon from the FedEx Ground Trace Dept. asking for details on my chair so they can locate it. (They don't even have a record that they returned it to Amazon. Weird) So I call them back and tell them no worries Amazon had gotten it returned and that I had ordered a new one. Out of all that I only got a small apology. Oh well!

My new chair was ordered Thursday night. It arrived this morning. I was so excited. After lunch I decided to assemble my chair. I am so proud of it I thought I would share the process and pics with you all.

Milo checking out the beginnings of my chair.

My chair with arms. The frame is now set to get padded.

Look at those ultra comfy arms with pockets.

The finished product. What do you think?

Maddox loves the new chair and told me he probably wont let me sit in it.


  1. Looks awesome and worth the ordeal ;) - shyra

  2. Update: tonight Maddox tells me from now on I have to sleep in the chair at night and not in the bed so that I can rock the baby.