Monday, August 30, 2010

Appointment #4 (8-31-10)

Today was appointment #4 with Dr. Mundy. Arrived at the office, did my favorite part first and weighed in. LOL Then I got the usual stuff like blood pressure, etc. The big bummer was that when I got there I found out they had scheduled another appointment for me on Thursday at 12:30. No fun cause my first appointment on Thursday is at 8:15am. So I will have a lot of time to kill in between my appointments. Oh well!!! So then I talked to Dr. Mundy. He said baby M is measuring just fine and all looks well. We talked about an amnio and I declined. Then I waited for a bit for my ultrasound. It was the same lady that did it last time. You know the one in training. LOL She was a little fast this time but not much. Unlike last time there were not 2 ladies in the room there were 3 ladies in the room. Baby M got to put on a show for an audience. M was moving around a bit. Got a good view of the head, belly, legs and arms...but not the nether regions. Even when they tried to look. No so such luck. The little arms were just moving all over the place but the legs not so much. This little one was not giving up the goods. Which led the tech to think baby M is a little girl. A very modest or as Granny said a little shy one. We will know for sure in a few days...I think if the little one will cooperate. The ultrasound showed M is measuring well and the fluid level around little M is good as well. So now you all have to wait till Thursday for the detailed ultrasound.

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  1. Will thursday be the sex appointment?