Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Appointment #3 - 8-10-10

Today was my third appointment with Dr. Mundy. This time I went by myself but if I would have known that I would have another ultrasound I would have brought the crew with me. Went in and did the regular stuff. Blood pressure, fluid check, Q&A with the doctor. All was well. Dr. Mundy said that little M is measuring right on date. After the meeting with him I got another ultrasound. It was nice to see baby M again. Got to see arms and hands move around. It was harder to see this time than the last but the ultrsound tech was in training so that might have been why. Baby M measures in at a whopping 6oz, which is a nice healthy baby. I got a nice long ultrasound as the lady was in training and was having some trouble getting the measurements. I didn't mind at all and told her to take her time. She kept saying him when she would refer to the baby so I asked if she knew something that I didn't know and she said no she didn't. I thought it was really funny. Every time she would say it the teaching technician would correct her to say baby instead of him. Well we should know for sure in about 3 weeks.
Below is one of the ultrasound images from today. It is M's head with face up.

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  1. Can't wait to find out if it is a him or her. - Shyra