Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What happens during Karate

Do you ever wonder what happens during karate while the Boss is learning to kick and punch? Well Mommy plays keep Lady Bug happy. We bring a folding chair, lots of toys and food. She used to sleep through karate and it was so nice. She couldn't walk when we first started so she would just sit and watch.
She doesn't want to sit still or be quiet. She wants to be all over the place and usually very loudly. We start off with all the snacks I can shovel down her to keep her still and busy. Even that has stopped working as well these days. We try toys those don't keep her attention very long. Last class I had to run out to get her in a couple of different teachers classes. I am sure they LOVE me at karate these days. She doesn't like it when I wont let her do what she wants. Imagine that at 18 months. (I knew it was coming I just hoped it would be after she turned two.) So she will go all limp like spaghetti when I try to pick her up and then she lets everyone know that she is none too happy. At this point we usually go for a walk outside.

For a few brief moments the other night her an LZ had some fun playing with toys. I can't wait till she calms down a little and we can all enjoy karate again. Say a prayer for us!

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