Friday, August 17, 2012

Potty Time

It has happened. We have begun the trips to the potty at our house. The Lady Bug's new favorite thing to do is sit on the potty. Usually she will tell me she has to go potty after she has already done her business in her diaper.  Hey I figured that was a nice start for a 19month old so other than the frequent trips at not the best moments I can't complain. On her day care take home papers it said that she had used the potty at school, but I can't say that I really believed it. Well lightning struck the other night and she actually peed on the potty. I was surprised and amazed that she actually went. Believe it or not she has actually repeated this a couple more times for me. Is it too much to say that I have started to have dreams of a potty trained little girl in the house by age 2ish. Also the dollar signs keep showing up when I think about not having to pay for diapers.

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