Saturday, August 4, 2012

So Far Behind in Posting...

After running errands most of the morning we returned home to a full on Stampede in the living room! 
 They had so much fun and after a few minutes they switched and the Boss was on the little horse and Lady Bug rode the big horse. They just had the best time!

In the afternoon we had to head to Galveston to get fitted for our Krewe Costumes. While we were there we decided to check out a park that the Boss had been to a few times on his day care field trips. Everyone said it was really cool. They said it had castles and lots of levels. I don't know why but I pictured lots of plastic. Most parks are all plastic these days. This park was really cool. It had lots of levels and stairs and things to do. It wasn't busy at all. Daddy had to just watch us today since his foot is still giving him trouble.

 Lady Bug loved going up and down the different levels.
 Here is the Boss running in between one set of the little castle houses. There were three different sets of these. So much fun. I had to check it all out myself along with the kids. Made me think of an obstacle course. We will be going back for sure.

Lady Bug found a 15month old friend while we were there. Yes she has her pacifier but that is because she kept trying to put things like mulch in her mouth so I figured at least with the pacifier in other things wouldn't get in so easily. 
Hope you have enjoyed a little glimpse at what we were up to today!

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