Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What's Up With Us!

Just a quick post to let you all know what we are up to!

Mel - Been busy with work. I have recently moved to a new office at work. It is a nice new space closer to most of the meeting we have to support which makes it nice. The only downer is it is a nice long walk from my car. This is also a plus since it makes me walk farther during the day. I have been feeling pretty good lately. Getting used to testing my sugar again and watching my carbs real closely. I have finished my big baby project (recovering the baby carrier/ car seat). I am hoping to have a picture for you all soon.

Max - He is moving his practice to a new location in a week and a half. It will be a big change but we are really looking forward to it. He has been spending his time split between family, work, Lions Club, Rotary Club and TCA. He is one busy man. I want to give him major props for really helping out at home when I don't feel so hot. He is a great Dad and Hubby.

Maddox - He is now fascinated by watching me test my blood sugar. He is enjoying school. I honestly wish that I had half of his energy. Most of you will laugh at this but we have made a MAJOR accomplishment lately. Maddox has slept in his own bed all night without waking up at all. He has done this twice in a week. He goes to bed by himself like a champ. The thing about him is he wakes up a bunch during the night and usually he comes to find us. We often walk him back to bed or he sneekily climbs in to bed with us. So him sleeping in his bed and not waking up is HUGE!! He is doing great at school. We have our first teacher/parent meeting tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it.

Baby M - So far so good. She likes to kick and roll. Maddox loves to put his hand on my belly and feel her move. Every once and a while I get lucky and can hear her heartbeat with the stethoscope. I have a bunch of Baby M projects that I want to work on before she arrives. Hard to believe that tomorrow will be the 3rd trimester.

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  1. All kinds of moving going on! January just keeps getting closer. Go baby M. - shyra