Friday, October 29, 2010

Maddox This Week

It has been a crazy full week for our little man. One night he spent the evening with a low grade fever but never complained and it was down the by the next morning. He is such a tough guy.

He finished reciting Psalm 100 and got his treat box at school. Speaking of school today they had pumpkin day. He got to try out a few things made from pumpkin. He tried pumpkin seeds, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and something that he doesn't remember what it was. He really liked the pumpkin pie and the thing he doesn't remember. He said the pumpkin seeds were too salty. He got another prize this week for his memory verse.

On Thursday during Chapel they got to see Team Impact perform. He loved it so much he got his daddy to bring him back again for the night show. I think the boys had a blast. He came home with a book, T-shirt and a signed baseball bat. This morning he was showing off his muscles to I think it made an impact on him. If you would like to check out Team Impact their website is here.


Tonight the two of us went to the Ballunar Festival at NASA. We got there right as they were starting to blow up some of the balloons. We were right in front. Maddox took a few pictures of the balloons blowing up. He thought that was really cool. Then he decided he wasn't a fan of the fire and burried his head in my chest and proceeded to fall asleep. So I watched and took pics. It took me forever to wake him up.

And to top the week off we have been getting ready for Halloween. He can't wait to be Dark Vador (Darth Vador). Will post pictures of him in his costume soon.

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