Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Appointment #6 (10-12-10)

So this morning was my sixth appointment with Dr.Mundy to check up on little M. Today was also my Glucose Test. Since last time around I had Gestational Diabetes I opted to skip the 1 hour test and go straight for the 3 hour test. My motto was lets get this over with asap. So I checked in at 8am and had my first fasting draw at 8:20. No problemo! The tech did a great job and it was quick and painless. She got about 5 vials on the first draw. Not sure what all extra tests they wanted all that red stuff for but I guess we will see next visit or before if it isn't good. Then she handed me the 100mg glucose orange drink. It was like drinking orange soda syrup...yucky. She said I had 5 minutes to choke it down. I did it rather quickly just to get it over with. Then I went to the waiting room and filled out my pre-registration for the hospital. That really makes you feel like things are right around the corner. I then got called back for the appointment part of the visit. Everything looked fine. Waiting about 20 min to see Dr. Mundy. The only question I had was if we were doing a C-section again when would he do it. He said just what I though 39 weeks. That lovely day is Jan 13th. i think that would be a great day unless she decides to come sooner. When I finished talking to him it was time for my second draw. Pulling off that gauze and tape owwy. She stuck me quick and it was only a little painful. Then it was time for the ultrasound to check on baby M. She was kicking up a storm after all that sugar. LOL Everything looked good. Got yet another new tech in training. M weighs in at 2lbs 1oz. Everything looked great. If you check out the picture above she is waving at you all! After we were done I went back up and waited in the front. Time flew by and before I knew it time for #3. This one as well was in the same spot so it was a little sore but she was very quick so no pain for long. I then went back to the waiting room for another of down time before the final draw. This couple was sitting next to me with there new baby in a stroller. Every time the little boy would cough she would shake him like crazy. I felt bad for the little tyke. The father kept using the F-word over and over. It made that last hour pass slower than the previous ones but I had brought plenty of magazines to keep me busy. Then it was time for the last draw of the day. I was so excited. I hadn't felt bad the whole time so hopefully that is good news. She stuck me the 4th time which felt like the previous two. I will probably have a nice pretty bruise cause all 4 were in the same spot but she did a terrific job! So if I pass I don't hear from them till next appointment and if I didn't pass I will hear from them in the next few days. Lets hope I get the no news is good news on this one!

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  1. Yay to not puking this time. Love the pic! - shyra