Friday, May 28, 2010


So this week I have been feeling kinda queasy but not sick yet. Thank goodness! Got Max to put some tacks in my arm for motion sickness. Lost one of them that night. Still have one in my left arm. Haven't gotten sick yet so that is good. Still feeling a bit queasy though.

The reason this post is named ESP. Today when I went to pick up Maddox his teacher Mr. Stefan asked me to ask him what he had just told him.
Me = "Maddox what did you just tell Mr. Stefan?"
Maddox = "That I want a baby!"
Mr. Stefan = "That isn't what you told me. Tell your mom what you said."
Maddox = "I told him that you are having a baby."
Me = "Where did you get that info from?"
Maddox = "But Mommy I want a baby. Can we have a baby now? I promise I will take care of her."

So my son has been talking about nothing but babies today. He keeps telling me I have a baby in my belly and that it is a girl. Not sure how he knows that I am pregnant. We haven't told him. That's for sure. I am now curious to see if he is right about the gender. All of the ladies I know have been having girls. So we shall see.

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