Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Along the Ride

Since the Boss has mastered riding his bike he wants to ride constantly. He rode every day that he didn't already have an activity scheduled.
He usually rides, Dad walks and I push the Lady Bug on her Tricycle. Getting her to peddle herself is next on the list. While she was on her ride and I was pushing we saw something familiar looking but small against the curb. I bent down to check it out... and it moved. I was a little surprised. It was in a bad spot so I picked it up and put it in the back of the tricycle. He went for a little ride before we set him in a much more friendly environment for the little fellow. Both kids were so excited to set him in a better spot they wanted him to rush right down to the water right away. I had to tell them that they just don't move that fast and that he would make it in his own time but that he was in a much better place than before. Of course the Boss wanted to bring him home instead and keep him as a pet but I figured he be better off in the outdoors.
Sorry for the fuzzy pictures or our friend but my phone would focus on him for some reason.
Ok no more suspense...

We found a baby turtle!

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