Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Park

The other weekend we had such a glorious day outside we just had to go to the park. We have lots of parks in our area but one we like a lot is the League City Park. It is a special park that is totally handicap accessible. It is only a couple of years old and is really nice. It was not the Lady Bugs first trip to a park however it was her first trip to the park where she could actually partake in some of the fun. The Boss met some friends of his at the park from his previous school Bay Area Christian. It was nice to see all the boys. They had fun playing lots of chase. Lady Bus enjoyed walking around, sliding, playing the drums, and watching me blow bubbles. Here are a couple of pics from our trip.

Notice a theme of me always getting the back of the Lady Bug. She was constantly on the move.

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  1. She is on the move for sure!! - Auntie S