Wednesday, July 13, 2011

6 Months...Already?

Hard to believe that my little Ladybug is 6 months old today. Here is a quick photo journey of the past 6 months.

Birth - January 2011
Taken before we headed home from the hospital

One month old - February 2011
Taken at home while hanging out in the afternoon.

Two months old - March 2011
Taken at the Boss's first T-ball practice. It was a little cool in the evening.

Three months old - April 2011
Another lovely picture taken at home while hanging out.

Four months old - May 2011
This one was taken in the morning before daycare.

Five months old - June 2011
This picture was taken in Austin right before my first time in the pool.

Six months old today - July 2011
This picture was taken in the heat at the Boss's T-ball practice.

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  1. I love how she is checking things out in all the pictures. Likes to watch everything :) Auntie S