Monday, January 24, 2011

The Big Day - Part 1

I am going to try to recollect in pictures the day Lady Bug was born for you all. Daddy and I headed to the hospital around 8am after spending most of the night before trying to make sure all was ready for us to go. In the morning the Boss took some pre-hospital pics with me.

We left for the hospital and the Boss and Granny headed off to school. We arrived at Memorial Hermann a little early and the waiting area was virtually empty. I thought that must be a good sign. I checked in and got my paper work finished. After that I went to triage to get things started. Triage was my worst memory of my first c-section experience. Unfortunately this one was only slightly better.
I got my hot sexy gown. So awesome jewelry and some really great panty hose and hot red socks.

The part that I was dreading was soon at hand. They had to put in the IV line. It always HURTS so bad when I get an IV in the hand and this one was no exception. Even though I hadn't eaten in almost 12 hours I still wanted to lose my lunch but was able to keep it down. After that was done they let Max come in and hang out with me. He busied himself with word puzzles and reading while I watched the monitor. I found out that I was actually having contractions every once and awhile. I didn't even feel them.
the contraction is the bump on the bottom line.
We waited longer than expected in triage. We were originally scheduled for 11:30am and thought we might actually get to go early but no such luck. The surgery was attended by a ton of people. I had atleast two students watching as well as two residents who ended up working on me. (More about that in a bit)
Finally it was time to go so I walked down from the 5th floor to the 3rd floor. Once again it is such a weird feeling to be walking to your own surgery. Daddy went to get dressed in his bunny suit and I went to get my spinal. Time for the first resident of the day. He was assisting with the spinal. Lets just say it took forever for him to get it done and lots of controlled breathing on my part. We got it done and I didn't faint or get sick so good news. After that I laid back and the team got busy with all of the prep work. That seemed to take longer this time than last as well. I was starting to think that they had forgotten my husband cause Dr. Mundy had started and Max still wasn't there. That was a little unnerving. Time for the second resident in my story. Dr. Mundy let the attending resident do the work. Lets just say this wee little female had a little trouble. Like everything else in my day at the hospital so far it took a really LONG time. She was taking her time and she had trouble getting Lady Bug out. Good thing she didn't deliver the Boss cause he was bigger than Lady Bug she would have had trouble with that for sure. To spare you all the ugly details lets just say that it is no fun getting sick on the operating table. I thought after all of the pushing they had to do to get her out that I might have gotten a broken rib or something. Here is a lovely picture of me trying to keep it all together.

Daddy got to take some great pictures of Lady Bug once she was born. Here is one of her first photo ops.
Here is a picture of the 3 of us right after she was all weighed in and cleaned up. She was clearly not as loud as her brother from the beginning. The best part of the whole thing was when Daddy and Lady Bug came over and I was able to touch her while they sewed me up. It was all worth it!

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