Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Appointment #13 - The Last One!! (1-4-11)

Today was my final OB appointment of this pregnancy. Seems so weird to be this close to the end. Next week we will be a family of 4! Hard to believe it. I am really looking forward to meeting our little girl.
The appointment today was pretty routing except for the order of things. As soon as I got there I settled up with the business side of the house since my insurance changed with the new year so I needed to pay the deductible. Guess that would have been one perk to having her in December. It would have been cheaper. oh well!
Then as soon as I went back I met with Dr. Mundy as he was headed out to the hospital to deliver a baby right after he talked to me. He checked over my sugar numbers and was pleased with the results. He asked if she has been moving well and she has been wriggling around in there pretty often so I am pretty sure that is good. He said that I didn't have to come in for another appointment next week which is awesome. I just show up at the hospital on Thursday of next week or if I start to have contractions I head to the hospital then. He asked if I had any questions. I actually had 2...I wanted to make sure that there would be a pedi at the hospital to check out the baby since I am pretty sure that I wont get our pedi from League City to come check on us at the Med Center. He said that would not be a problem at all. The next question I had was what time he wanted us to report to the hospital. He gave us our check in time for our mid-day delivery so I think we are set.
After he headed out then the nurse came in and did all of the usual checking etc. Blood pressure was good. Weight was the exact same as last week. Hard to believe cause I feel 10lbs heavier than last week. Then I headed in for my last ultrasound. She has plenty of fluid. According to the Ultrasound tech she is low head down. She had to press really low to be able to get her head to come up so she could measure her. Believe it or not she is currently measuring 7lbs 15 oz ( give or take a pound in either direction). Which in my case I would think would be up and not down if any. So I am thinking anywhere from 7lbs 15oz to 8lbs 15oz. So what does this mean? It means I could end up with another 9lb baby. As long as she is healthy and everything goes well I will be extremely happy with another big baby.

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