Monday, July 19, 2010

The Boss on Board with Baby

I know this is going to sound funny but bear with me. The Boss has been asking I mean begging for a baby for about a year and a half now. So I figured the minute I told him we were having a baby he would be over the moon. Well that wasn't really the response I got. I would talk about the baby to him but he would just kind of blow me off like "yeah right mom whatever!" I don't think he believed me after so long of wanting one. He has known for awhile now. We decided to take him to my second appointment. I was thrilled when Dr. Mundy wanted to do an ultrasound so both Daddy and the Boss would be able to see little M. The Boss really thought it was cool to see the baby, but even after that he didn't get super excited like I expected...until last night July 18th. Something clicked and now he wants to tell the world and do everything for the baby. Last night he wanted to hug my belly, kiss my belly, he even sang songs and talked to the baby. He put Friday (his stuffed monkey)to sleep on my belly so the baby would have company. I thought all this was maybe cause he was over tired from a long weekend, but no he did the same things this morning when he woke up. He even wanted to give me some of his breakfast so the baby could grow.
He is being so sweet. I hope he stays this excited throughout the next 6 months and beyond.

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