Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Appointment #2

Today was appointment #2 with my wonderful OB/GYN Dr. Mundy. I really do think he is a great Doctor. Even though it is 30 minutes to the medical center to see him and parking is outrageous in the garages up there I can't imagine going to anyone else. We decided after some deliberation to bring Maddox along with us. I wasn't exactly sure what all they would do at this visit since I had an ultrasound at my first visit but we decided we would see anyway. We got there and went back to the room. I did the usually baby appt stuff. One of those things is the scale... not my favorite part. I do have to brag a little bit on myself so far. Through the first trimester I have not gained a single pound. I have actually lost a couple of them and it is not for lack of eating. It feels like that is all that I do lately. So after that Dr. Mundy comes in and says "Hey why don't you guys go down the hall and get and ultrasound and I will meet you back here in a bit." So we head down the hall for our picture show. Maddox wanted to know why the lady turned out the lights and the TV was dark. I think he was really excited seeing the baby on the screen. M4 moved for us a bit. It looked like there was some thumb sucking going on. It looked like M4 has some long legs but that could have just been the position. Everything looked good on the screen. Heart was beating baby was moving around. It was beautiful.

After the ultrasound the Doctor came in for a brief question/answer and said all looked well he would see us in another 4 weeks. After we left there we went to visit Uncle Nate at MD Anderson. He is improving every day. Maddox can't wait till he gets in a regular room so that he can see him too. He really has fell in love with Nate's wife and family though. I am sure we will all be lonesome when they finally go home. In the meantime, please say a prayer for Nate's healing! We really appreciate it.

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