Monday, December 5, 2011

Best of the Best Tournament

The Boss just moved up to yellow belt in karate and has been very excited about it. This weekend we had a second tournament. We spent more time practicing at home this time. The first time he was very timid in the ring. In class he has to go against the older kids because they go by height. You would think this is a good thing and will help him eventually but he is getting a little discouraged about not winning at sparring. We try our best to encourage him to just try his hardest and be proud. The tournament this weekend was a best of two matches. If you lost the first you got a bronze medal, if you won the first but lost the second you got a silver medal and if you won both you got a TWO FOOT Trophy. All the kids wanted one of those trophies. We gave the Boss some extra mojo with a couple of temporary tatoos. He did so much better this time. He was much more aggressive. I have watched the video a couple of times and I am very proud of him. He did so well. Unfortunately the other boy got lucky and landed 1 more kick than he did and he lost out on the trophy. Lets just say he was very disappointed but nothing a little pizza couldn't fix. He is ready to start fresh in January.

Waiting his turn to be placed in a ring.

The boy he would end up sparring with.

Starting to get his gear on.

Ready and waiting.

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  1. So glad he is rocking the karate ring a little bit more each time he is sparring. Go Boss go! - Auntie S