Friday, September 16, 2011

Bye Bye Cast!

The Boss says Bye Bye to his cast. In preparation for the day's big event I sent him to school with a marker to have his buddies decorate his cast the day before.

Today was such a crazy busy day! First thing in the morning we dropped off the Lady Bug at daycare and then the Boss and I went to the Orthopedists office to check on his progress. We got there and he sat on the table and waited right next to a little girl who broke her thumb the day before school had started. They shared war stories. Come to find out she was a week older than the Boss and about a foot shorter. When we had first gotten there her mom had said "See he isn't scared and he is older!"...come to find out he was younger. I thought that was amusing. He was a little worried about the saw at first but he quickly realized it just tickles a little.

Then he got some X-Rays and was a pro. We waited for a lot longer to get those results than I had anticipated, but made it out of there in enough time for me to rush him back to school. Oh by the way Dr. said it had healed nicely but no PE for 3 more weeks. (sidenote: I don't think he has slowed up a smidge since he has gotten the cast off no matter what we or the Dr. said.)
Got him back to school in a super hurry cause it was now the Lady Bug's turn for her checkup. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long. Her ear looked a lot better and we made it out the door with just a prescription for some rash ointment. YAY!
Got both kids to their respective Dr's both with pretty good news. Not a bad was to start a weekend.

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